University Contact 信息rmation

Shipping Address:
Wittenberg University
225 N. Fountain Ave.
Springfield, OH 45504-2120

Mailing Address:
Wittenberg University
Springfield, OH 45501-0720

Student Mail (using UPS or FedEx):
Student Name
Wittenberg University, Box Number
734 Woodlawn Avenue
Springfield, OH 45504

Student Mail (using U.S. Postal Service):
Student Name
Wittenberg University, Box Number
PO Box 6100
Springfield, OH 45501-6100

图书馆 Mail should be addressed as follows:
Thomas 图书馆 / Wittenberg University
Springfield, Ohio 45501

Local: 937-327-6231
Toll Free: 800-677-7558
FAX: 937-327-6340

Administrative Contact 信息rmation


  • Learn all about the admission process, including scheduling visits, securing financial aid 而且 scholarships, completing an application.

Advancement / 校友 Engagement

  • Contact the Office of Advancement to make a gift in support of Wittenberg University 而且 its long history as a leader in higher education.
  • Contact the Office of 校友 Engagement to update your address, submit personal 而且 employment information, learn more about our many activities 而且 事件s, or to volunteer with an alumni club, the 入学 Office or the 职业生涯 Center.


  • Learn all there is to know about the Wittenberg Tigers, home to one of the most successful small college intercollegiate athletics programs in the country.

Audio Visual Services

  • Provides circulation of AV material 而且 equipment; media production services; consultation in selection 而且 use of media 而且 equipment; 而且, equipment 而且 instructional technology maintenance.


  • Wittenberg 书店 offers a variety of services supporting the alumni 而且 individuals of this academic community.

Campus Police Division

Local: 937-327-6231
Toll Free: 800-677-7558
FAX: 937-327-6340

  • Wittenberg's Campus Police Division, located in the Recitation Annex, has developed partnerships with the Wittenberg campus, local police agencies 而且 the broader Clark County community. Officers regularly patrol campus in cars, on foot 而且 on bikes 24-hours a day, seven-days a week, the Switchboard is staffed at all times to answer questions, address concerns, h而且le emergencies.

Campus Ministries/Pastor's Office

  • The fourth-oldest Lutheran college in the country, Wittenberg provides a nurturing environment to help students underst而且 the meaningful connection between self-fulfillment 而且 service to the world. Students of all faiths consistently seek out Wittenberg's Lutheran-inspired learning environment, one that shows compassion in action through service to the local community 而且 abroad.

职业生涯 Services

  • If you have a career or job search question, or need your resume, cover letters, or application essays reviewed.

Conference Services

  • To schedule your organization’s next meeting, 会议, 事件, youth 会议 or sports camp at Wittenberg, contact our Conference Services 办公室. Summer camps 而且 会议s are also scheduled through the Conference Services 办公室. University students 而且 employees should contact the 调度 而且 事件 办公室 to schedule 事件s 而且 reserve facilities.

Susan Hirt Hagen Center for Civic & Urban Engagement

  • The Susan Hirt Hagen Center for Civic & Urban Engagement is the most visible manifestation of Wittenberg’s commitment to community service, civic engagement 而且 economic partnership with the local 而且 regional community.

Facilities 管理

  • Work Order requests for Facilities 管理

Financial Aid

  • 信息rmation about loans, grants, scholarships.

Graduate Programs & Adult 教育

  • Learn about the graduate programs that Wittenberg University offers, including master's programs in 教育, Athletic Coaching, Analytics.

Human Resources

  • For faculty & staff employment opportunities 而且 resources.

信息rmation Technology Services

  • Assists the campus community in all matters related to computing 而且 printing.

International 教育 & Study Abroad

  • Provides support services for international students 而且 coordination of study abroad opportunities.


  • Thomas 图书馆
  • Thomas 图书馆 - Director
  • Thomas 图书馆 - Reference Desk
  • Thomas 图书馆 - Circulation Desk
  • Wittenberg's Thomas 图书馆 provides assistance with research, circulation of materials, access to thous而且s of electronic resources 而且 materials from other libraries.

COMPASS: Sweet Success Center
(located on first floor of Thomas 图书馆)

Police Division
Switchboard Local: 937-327-6231
Switchboard Toll Free: 800-677-7558

  • The Wittenberg University Police Division is a full service police 而且 security agency that takes a proactive approach in progressive campus policing. The Division, located in the Recitation Annex, has worked diligently to develop partnerships with the Wittenberg campus, local police agencies 而且 the broader Clark County community.

President's Office


  • Assistance in obtaining prices for goods 而且 services or identifying vendors; resolving disputes or complaints with vendors; find out how to make a University-authorized purchase; ask questions about payments to vendors.


  • Supervises scheduling of 而且 registration for classes, issues grade reports, qualifies c而且idates for graduation, maintains academic records, issues official transcripts.

调度 & 事件

  • Schedule meetings 而且 事件s on Wittenberg's campus for current university students 而且 employees.
  • External guests 而且 summer 会议s should contact our Conference Services 办公室.

Student Development

Within the division of Student Development, the following 办公室s provide programs 而且 services that enhance the out-of-class experience for Wittenberg students.

Student Financial Services

  • For questions about student accounts, financial aid, or general billing concerns.

University Communications

  • 新闻 而且 information about one of America's finest liberal arts colleges, including coordination of multimedia services, graphic design 而且 website management.


  • For Wittenberg web site questions, corrections, typos, dead links, broken images, etc.

Academic Department Contact 信息rmation

Wittenberg University

Springfield, Ohio, is a medium-sized city with plenty of things to do throughout the year. Learn more about upcoming 事件s 而且 local attractions, restaurants, historical sites, 古董, 野营, 和高尔夫球. 


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